Rhône Energies is a consortium formed by Entara and Trafigura that combines the proven track record of operational excellence and sustainability performance of Entara, with Trafigura’s industry and market expertise and financial strength. Rhône Energies will manage and operate critical energy infrastructure and sustainable energy products, providing energy security to the regions in which they operate.


Latest news

Rhône Energies has entered into exclusive negotiations for the acquisition of the Esso Fos-sur-Mer refinery

11 april 2024

The Consortium

Entara is a Global Asset Manager for refining infrastructure. Entara was established by former executives of Crossbridge Energy who have a track record of managing and optimising refinery assets, including the Fredericia refinery in Denmark.



Trafigura is one of the world’s largest suppliers of energy and commodities, operating in over 150 countries and trading over 5.5 million barrels of oil and petroleum products every day. Trafigura has a 30-year history of working with refineries through direct investment, capacity utilisation and supply and offtake.



The Fos-sur-Mer refinery project

Fos-sur-Mer refinery is a historic site that has contributed to providing secure and affordable energy to the region since operations commenced in 1965.

With this proposed acquisition, Rhône Energies plans to capitalise on the refinery’s existing skilled teams and strong manufacturing performance. The company aims to further improve margin capture, crude flexibility, process utilisation and to maximise high value products, while investing in personnel and process safety.

Rhône Energies intends to invest in the sustainability of the site to reduce its carbon intensity footprint while also investing in growth projects enabling further co-processing of biogenic feedstocks to produce renewable fuels.

The Team

Nicholas Myerson

Chief Executive Officer, Entara

Nicholas was previously Chief Executive Officer of Crossbridge Energy with prior experience founding Origin International, a waste recycling business. Nicholas was formerly the Head of Residual Oils at Gunvor SA, the energy commodity company. Nicholas previously served as Chairman of the Board for the Fredericia refinery in Denmark.

Derek Becht

Chief Operating Officer, Entara

Derek was previously a Vice President at global energy consultancy Becht Engineering, where he led six successful international acquisitions. Prior to Becht Engineering, Derek worked at three refineries for Valero Energy in technical and operational roles.

François Serizay

Regional HR Manager – Europe

François has over 40 years of experience in France working in multinational organisations including Bonna Sabla, Sofresid Engineering, Saipem, Société des Mines de Fer de Guinée – SMFG- and Honeywell Friction Materials in France.

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